Drama at St George’s Academy is aimed at gaining and progressing the soft skills that learners use throughout life, such as empathy, communication and team work. Furthermore the subject helps learners gain an understanding of the world that they live in. During lessons pupils explore a variety of topics connected to both historical and current affairs.

Performance skills are explored and embedded during each term, using a combination of scripts and other stimuli to create their own scenarios.  

Eduqas GCSE Drama is offered to all students entering year 11 at St George’s Academy, giving learners access to a wide curriculum during their education.

Why have we chosen Eduqas GCSE Drama?

Learners are given the opportunity to develop their appreciation of Drama as actors, designers and directors, developing a wide range of key skills throughout their study, through carefully selected texts.

Through the use of practical work, learners will be able to concentrate on areas of Drama which best suit their ability and skills, such as acting or design.

Teachers have the opportunity to teach the artistic intentions of theatre practitioners and/or theatre companies, which are best suited to their learners.

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