B1 Topic 1 – Classification, variation and inheritance

B1 Topic 1 – This is the PowerPoint presentation that you see in your science lessons.  You can use this to look up any lessons that you have missed to take notes and complete tasks – follow the hyperlink on individual pages to a video or useful link.

Big Biology Quiz topic 1 – This is an interactive multiple choice quiz that will help you revise the subjects in topic 1

Use this table to navigate to the resources used in Topic 1.  These accompany the PowerPoint presentation from class.

Topic Lesson  Resources
Topic 1 Classification, variation and inheritance  1 Classification  B1 Lesson 1 – euglena wksheetB1 Lesson 1 – Homework classification research

Revision website: (copy and paste address)


2 Vertebrates & Invertebrates B1 Lesson 2 – construct a key worksheetB1 Lesson 2 – classification problems worksheet

B1 Lesson 2 Homework – Design a vertebrate

B1 Lesson 2 – Traffic Lights Game – classification

B1 Lesson 2 – Classification problems independent work ppt

3 Species  B1 Lesson 3 – homework – using a key


4 Variation  B1 Lesson 4 inheritance problems


5 Reasons for Variety  B1 Lesson 5 Adaptation WorksheetB1 Lesson 5 Adaptation crosswordB1 Lesson 5 adaptation creative task
6 Evolution
7 Genes  Traffic Lights Game – genes


8 Explaining Inheritance  B1 Lesson 8 Inheritance Key words task
9 Genetic Disorders  B1 Lesson 9 Genetic disorders worksheet 1B1 Lesson 9 Cystic Fibrosis and ethics worksheet 2B1 Lesson 9 Cystic-Fibrosis info sheet