School Uniforms

It is Academy policy that all pupils must wear full Academy uniform. They must also wear appropriate clothing for Physical Education (i.e. shorts, tracksuits, t-shirts). All clothing and hairstyles must be appropriate for the work place.
For all students:

• Knee length black Academy skirt or black Academy trousers (business dress)
• Plain black, grey or white socks or plain black or tan tights
• Plain black Academy shoes
• Plain white blouse or shirt (long or short sleeves)
• Black or dark blue Academy coat
• No piercings or jewellery may be worn other than a small stud where it is necessary to guard a pierced ear


For PE:

• Black or blue shorts or tracksuit trousers
• White or black t-shirt or sweatshirt
• Trainers
• Sports socks

From time to time things do get misplaced.  So it would be a good idea to label each item with the students name.

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