Mathematics teacher – Shamsuz Zaman

I am the Key stage 4 Maths teacher at St George’s Academy. I organise the Key stage 3 and Key stage 4 courses. In Key Stage 4, students have the Opportunity to gain two qualifications in Mathematics. They are the Functional Skills level 1 and the GCSE.

Maths Courses

Year 9 follow a curriculum designed to develop their skills and understanding in the four strands of Maths. They are Number, Algebra, Geometry and Statistics. The curriculum includes Functional skills tasks for every topic and assessments. These are to help students improve their literacy in Maths and their interpreting skills. Students will be assessed at the end of each term using optional papers where levels are given.

Year 10 follow the Edexcel Functional Skills Level 1 course for the first 4 months of the academic year. The course consists of 11 topics which are:

1)      Number

2)      Fractions, Decimals and Percentages

3)      Ratio and Proportion

4)      Time

5)      Measures

6)      Drawing and Measuring

7)      Formulae

8)      Area and Perimeter

9)      Collect and represent data

10)   Use and Interpret Data

11)   Likelihood of events

The course is designed to develop students’ interpreting skills and being able to choose the correct Maths. At the end of the course there is a one and a half hour examination, where a pass or fail is given. These topics are also part of the GCSE.

Once the Functional Skills course is complete students move on to the Edexcel linear GCSE course, which runs through to the end of year 11. Students are taught Foundation and where applicable the higher level. At the end of the course students sit two examination papers which are one hour and forty five minutes in length. Paper one is non calculator and paper two allows calculators

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