Vice Principle and Teacher of English – Mrs M Baker

Teacher of English/Literacy Co-ordinator – Mrs E Hammond


The aim of the English is to promote the pupil’s love of language, to understand the explicit and implicit of texts and to enhance their own creativity. We aim to develop their literacy skills and encourage all pupils to use these skills across the curriculum.

Additionally we aim to create pupils who can communicate effectively in writing and orally, across a wide range of contexts and situations. Enabling all pupils to read, write and contribute orally in a confident and fluent manner.

Essential we want to pupils to leave our school feeling confident that their literacy skills will help them achieve success in their chosen career path.


How can parents help?

The simple answer is by encouraging your children to read as much as possible, not necessarily a novel, but newspapers, magazines, articles on the internet, all of which will enhance your child’s knowledge and assist them in achieving success. Also communicate with your child ask them searching questions and encourage them to speak with fluency and accuracy.

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