Employability Teacher – Mr R Allkins

A programme of self-development, career exploration and career management enables pupils to understand themselves and gives them an opportunity to research and plan an appropriate career path.

At St. George’s Academy you are entitled to careers information, advice and guidance and also careers education to help you to prepare for your next step. All our advisers are committed to providing quality, impartial careers and progression support. You will be supported to develop a Career Plan which will be produced through individual sessions at the start and end of each School year. The Academy works closely with a number of external impartial Careers Advisors who visit the school regularly to conduct career interviews with our students.

Careers education is delivered through Employability sessions and also Aspire 2 More days. You will have the chance to develop work related skills including:

CV writing

Application writing

Interview techniques

Team building

Customer service skills

Health and safety

Rights and responsibilities

Analysing and developing own skills and abilities

Understanding the world of work

And many more!


Work Experience Programme

Work Experience is organised for students in block weeks or one day a week for an agreed period of time. Students have had the opportunity to work at B&M, Shoe Zone, Subway, Clarkes, Dunelm, Car Garages, Construction Companies, Dental Practices, Pharmacies, Ideal Skateboards and many more. The programme has helped students to gain an insight in to the world of work, developing essential skills including customer service, money handling, communication, teamwork, job specific eg, car maintenance, carpentry and many more. These opportunities have also led to the offer of part-time work for some of the students.

The programme has been very successful and our Year 10 students are looking forward to entering the programme in January 2015.


How Parents Can Help

It is important students have a career goal and explore different careers and jobs. Having a career goal gives an individual something to aim for and work towards. To support their progress, the websites listed below have lots of information about different careers, courses, training opportunities and labour market information. The Fast Tomato online software programme is a careers tool which requires students to complete online assessments. Students can log on to the software and browse different careers and also view careers recommended to them through completion of the self-assessments.

Useful websites:












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