BTEC Sports


Physical Education Teacher – Mrs L Hodgkiss and Mr M Tucker

At St George’s Academy we offer BTEC Sport Certificate Level 2, equivalent to 2 GCSE’s which is predominantly assessed through assignment based work over the two years. Some students, if they work hard enough may be eligible to study for an extended Certificate which is equivalent to 3 GCSE’s.

What do we study?

Fitness for sport and exercise

Practical sports performance.

Anatomy and physiology for sports performance.

The mind and sports performance.

The sports performer in action

Training for personal fitness

Leading sports activities

Lifestyle and well-being.

The BTEC Sport Certificate is designed to give a basic knowledge and understanding of sport and exercise. Students receive feedback on their progress throughout the course as they provide their evidence and will be encouraged to do research and carry out practical assessments. Students on this course will be encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning and achievements.

Students will have two BTEC Sport sessions per week, one of which being a theory lesson with the content of the course being delivered, and the other, a practical lesson, applying the theoretical concepts and assessing performance.

Students will be expected to bring kit for their practical sessions.

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