Use of Pupil Premium

The Academy Curriculum has been adapted in order to best meet student needs since its opening in September 2013. A wider variety of subjects are now available to students giving them the opportunity to gain GSCE qualifications, BTEC qualifications and Vocational Awards such as the Jamie Oliver Catering Award and Sports Leaders Award.

Students are all taught ‘core subjects’ which are English, Maths, RE, ICT, PSE, Employability, Science, PE and Art. The majority of core subjects are taught during morning teaching to enable a wider curriculum to be accessed during afternoon sessions. Due to the small space available for vocational subjects St.George’s students are given the opportunity to access construction off site at other providers including South and City College. Year 9 students visit the Lighthouse and Sports 4 Life teach Year 11s on site one afternoon per week. Not only do these sessions develop pupil skills but also help to develop their social skills within the wider environment and through engagement with other members of society.


The school’s curriculum provides highly positive experiences and rich opportunities for high quality learning.

It has positive impact on all pupils’ behaviour and safety and contributes well to pupils’ academic achievement and their SMSC development.

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